About Us

We thank you for visiting the RERA’s web site. This trust was a divine moment in our life, where we dared to step out. It was a moment when we knew deep in my spirit that this trust would help people around the world in common base of Love Humanity. Set free from physical, emotional and spiritual torment/bondage. We believe actions speak louder than words. The actions of the RERA Charitable Trust will speak the truth of love and caring. That truth will be the Truth that sets them free.

“Believe yourself anything can be done by you”

The RERA is a Trust where all people can come and have the opportunity to receive complete healing, through good Hospitality. The Trust will consist of a full clinic for physical restoration. Also on the property will be a retreat center that will assist the needs of those who require emotional and spiritual restoration.

The RERA is a Trust designed to work on the whole person; spirit, soul and body. As people heal, families will heal.

The RERA received its official register for its charitable organization number on November 28th of 2000. We feel strongly that within a very short period of time the first phase will be in full operation. The first phase will be the Free Ambulance Services.

The second phase will be the MultispecialtyHospital, followed by Research Institute. We believe the RERA will be completed within Two years by The Superior’s Grace.

The RERA is a non-profit organization and needs your support. Millions of dollars are needed to purchase the land and build the buildings, as well as monthly support for operating expenses. All donations will receive a tax receipt. Everyone deserves good health, emotional and spiritual wellness, and all who come will be given that opportunity irrespective of Caste, Creed, Color, Religion etc.,

In everyone’s life there are divine moments. Is this one of those moments for you? Step out and dare to be a part of someone’s healing. The blessings will be returned a hundred fold.