Annual Reports

Rera Charitable Trust is a Non-Government Organisation functioning in Pondicherry and in Tamilnadu for more than 19 Years.
Rera was formed to bring Revolution in medical and hospitality service.

Also to enhance the Social, economic, Educational and Environmental development status of the weaker section of the rural, tribal and urban slums by increasing their self-reliance of the needy and downtrodden through participatory approach. Rera has been dedicating itself with the various experts in the field of social work, medicine, legal, Psychology, education, environment and development with the vision and commitment for the remarkable services in the field of HIV/AIDS, environment, sanitation, micro-credit, micro-finance through self-help groups programes focusing on training, consultation, research and development to the NGO’s.

Rera is not only aimed to implement the proposed programmes and also need base overall development programmes for the welfare of marginalized in all aspects to bring them self sufficiency.

Main project’s of Rera is Diagnostic centres with all required advanced labouratories, Ambulance Services, Air Ambulance Services, Multi Speciality Hospital Medical College and Research Institute
• Year 2015-2016
• Year 2016-2017
• Year 2017-2018