Free Ambulance Services
Ambulatory health care is provided for patients in community and hospital -based settings. The Ambulance with Air-Condition facility and Two fans, Stretchers with foldable wheels for easy transportation of patient in and out of the Ambulance, with medical Oxygen Cylinders 7.1 – 2 Nos. mounted on it.

The Ambulance with a Valid Registration will be positioned at the RERA offices round the clock for shifting of accident casualties and other acute cases to the nearby Hospital for emergency medical care or for any other services / work as directed by the Senior Deputy Chief Medical Officer.

Pulse Oximeter
Cardiac Monitor with Jelly
Paddles Pediatric and adult
Suction Apparatus with Catheter

Medical Camps in Rural Areas

Arranging seminars and medical camps is to bring out awareness among people regarding health problems. To support the Government development health programs. To try to reach the rural people about health education and protect them from the various disease. Supply of free medicines and medical aid including hearing aids, visual aids etc.,

Special medical checkup plan for Women and Children up to 12 years of age.

Road Safety Awareness

Arranging seminars and programs related road safety necessaries, prevention of accidents and traffic awareness by way of Special programs.

Semi Mobile Emergency Hospital with Clinics

Every disaster and emergency situation has two main phases, emergency relief immediately after the disaster and aid for reconstruction. For perhaps obvious reasons these two have been separated clearly in terms of aid provided. However, RERA would argue that it is not only possible but also highly recommendable to see these two connected ensuring a longer-term horizon in midst of the emergency situation.

Eye Bank

Donation of the eyes is a benevolent gesture at the time of death. Eye donation is considered tissue donation and can be done at almost in any age.


Rehabilitation is a dynamic, health oriented process that assists an ill or disabled individual to achieve the greatest possible levels of physical, mental, spiritual, social and economic functioning. The Principles of rehabilitation are basic to the care of all patients.
Provisions of aids such as Try Cycles, Calipers, etc. to the handicapped.

Emergency Relief

To give Food, clothing, medicines, cash grants, and any other help that may be necessary to the poor and afflicted people in distress, affected by natural calamities such as earthquake, floods, famine etc.,